Your wallet is your introduction

Your wallet is your introduction.



Have you ever thought what does your wallet say about you? Your wallet is far more than a pocket friendly container for your essentials. Your wallet says much about its owner. A wallet is a very personal item, a private space for a person and hence it carries much information.

Just imagine…

You are about to meet with a prospective customer who has the potential to become a big client… After your presentation/speech/talk you take out a seedy and overstuffed denim wallet as you want to hand over a business card to him.

Now! Think…

Have you crated a good first impression for the prospect to become your client?

Well…We will leave you with the answer…

The outer appearance of your wallet is very important, especially when you have a business meeting or you are simply on a date.

Check below what says about the outer appearance of you wallet:


  • A flashy logo on the outside says you are as yet immature and need to grow up some more. 😉
  • A pure leather wallet says you have class and appreciate quality and refinement.
  • A synthetic leather wallet puts you firmly in the ‘wannabe/I do not care’ section
  • A high quality but scruffy wallet says you give a damn about proving yourself to others. On the flip side, it also says that you need to treat your money with more respect.
  • A scruffy wallet says you are careless about your appearance and not too careful about your money.
  • A bi-fold wallet says you like being comfortable.
  • A tri-fold wallet says you like carrying your baggage
  • A bursting-at- seams and overstuffed wallet says you are a hoarder who needs to lighten up.
  • Your wallet is rags and tatters and you still can’t give it up (not because you can’t afford to, but because you don’t want to). Well, there is some major issue in your life that you are afraid to acknowledge.”



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